“Rosano is a top notch triple threat; guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter”

- Paul Shugrue, NPR / WHRV Out of the Box


Singer, guitarist, songwriter, and bandleader, Anthony Rosano, has always been drawn to grit, gravitas and the connection that comes from making music. Although his music roots are implanted in the firmament of the blues, he takes his cue from any number of archival influences. 

“As a teenager, I was into all the British bands that took their cues from the blues,” he recalls. “I was still a novice on guitar when I read an interview with Glen Tipton, the guitarist from Judas Priest. He mentioned that Peter Green, the genius guitar player for the original Fleetwood Mac, was his main influence, and he cited ‘Green Manalishi’ as the song that had inspired him early on. I found a copy of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac album recorded live at the Boston Tea Party, and after soaking it all up, it led me to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, which, in turn, led me to the original blues masters like Freddy King and Muddy Waters. As everything fell into place, I quickly realized  that all my favorite songs by my favorite bands were actually blues songs! The feeling I got from those songs became a kind of spiritual connection, one that originated when the English took it upon themselves to emulate the authentic sound of true American soul, and then share it with the rest of the world. It was a transatlantic call and response.”

All these years later, Anthony continues to play his part in that continuum. Well recognized and  highly respected for his dedication to that specific sound, flush with its drive and determination, he and his band, The Conqueroos — Anthony on guitar and vocals, Kyle McCormick on drums and Jake Fultz on bass — have delighted — and inspired — audiences big and small. Whether  on their own or while sharing stages with Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band, ZZ Top, Gov’t Mule, Samantha Fish, or Tab Benoit, this powerhouse trio continues to amaze and impress.

In fact, it was that connection to Benoit that led to his latest album, Cheat The Devil, which finds Benoit himself sitting behind the boards for producing, engineering, mixing and mastering. The two originally met at a blues festival in 2013 and immediately hit it off. Benoit offered Anthony the opportunity to open for him on tour and weeks later, suggested they  record an album. 


Recorded at Whiskey Bayou Studio and released in July of 2023 on Whiskey Bayou Records, the new album represents another defining chapter in a career that’s brought Anthony and his band to the top of the Billboard and iTunes Blues charts, while also drawing the absolute admiration of audiences and aficionados — be it those wholly devoted to the blues, raging rock enthusiasts or heavy metal Metallica fans.  

Not surprisingly then, the songs not only live up to expectation, but clearly exceed it as well. They range from the soulful and surging sound of the title track and the dark and dramatic resolve of “What Kind of Fool,” to the steady stomp that resonates throughout “Sin City” and the rocking revelry that underscores “Jonesboro Road.” Other tracks — “Rosalita,” “Scattered Bones” and “Shook” in particular — dig deep into an undercurrent of angst and intensity. 

The albums first two singles, the dramatically defiant “Cheat the Devil”,a fierce and ferocious take on the classic “King Bee” along with the ballad “Rosalita”, were all featured on Joe Bonamassa’s Spotify Playlists.  

“We had a great time making this record,” Anthony recalls. “Tab is a great guy to hang with and we share similar musical influences and sensibilities. Before going into the studio, we talked about our favorite records and how most of them were recorded live. This record is strictly three guys, all together in the same room playing live in the studio. We had talked about bringing in other musicians on certain songs, but Tab convinced us to maintain the power trio format that reflects our true live sound. There were no overdubs and no edits, and it was mixed directly to tape. Ultimately, we captured the perfect vibe and ended up with a perfectly imperfect organic record.”

While some have compared the Conqueroos’ sound to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble or Rory Gallagher, Anthony has always followed his own muse. A native New Yorker who now resides in Norfolk Virginia, he won instant acclaim with “Cheat the Devil” which made its debut at number 3 on the Billboard blues chart and has been recived positively by fans and critics. 


Blues Blast Magazine said “Blistering guitar, strong vocals and interesting lyrics that catch your attention are the strengths of the album.” Rock and Blues Muse called it “an outstanding set of music from a contemporary artist who can stand tall with the greats of any era” 

Allan Claudio of Blues Rock Review added, “some of the best funk/blues/rock I’ve been introduced to in a long time! Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos totally blindsided this blues rock fan.” 

Nevertheless, Paul Shugrue of NPR may have summed it up best when he said, “Rosano is a top notch triple threat: guitarist, vocalist and songwriter.”


Anthony’s efforts have continued to bear fruit ever since. While the pandemic kept the Conqueroos off the road, Anthony continued to keep in contact with his fans through a series of live streaming acoustic concerts. They were so successful in fact, that one of the new songs he previewed, “Isolation Blues,” was tapped by NPR for use on its “Voice of America” program. 


While most of 2023 saw them back on the road, opening for Tab Benoit and on the Humble Pie Legacy tour, Anthony remains both modest and motivated. He’s clearly paid his dues, citing the fact that he has played in font of 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden opening for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, and for 20 people at an intimate acoustic venue. Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos give everything to the audience, every time.   

“I want to connect with people the way music connects with me,” he insists. “I also realize it’s important to put myself out there. The rewards that come from music equate with the human experience in its entirety — what it means to share, to sometimes feel heartbreak, to understand what it’s like to be lost in love. Sometimes it can even be about something silly or superfluous, and yet the affirmation and the bond that come through music is, in my opinion, all part of the joy that comes when a life is well-lived.

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